Rhett and Link Form $ 5 Million Creator Accelerator Fund and Launch Initial Bidding for Jarvis Johnson


Rhett mclaughlin and Link Nealthe digital media company of, Mythical, trained a creator accelerator and offered his first investment in the comedian Jarvis johnson as well as his Sad boys digital studio.

The newly formed Accelerator of legendary creators is a $ 5 million equity fund dedicated to supporting creator-owned and run media companies, according to the duo. Investments will go to those who have already reached significant fandoms, created compelling brands, diversified monetization and shown the potential to launch products directly to consumers.

According to Mythical, the accelerator’s capital will be deployed in stages through a platform-independent approach, with operational guidance from its executives to complement the financial support. Mythical notes that the accelerator will not function as a management company or a content network, and that all investments will be drawn from its own balance sheets without any outside partners, which will allow it to remain agile and remove the pressure to exit. .

At the same time, Mythical has hired Samantha hamilton to lead the new accelerator as a leader in the growth of its creator. Hamilton was previously a growth strategist and content producer at Warner Music‘s IMGN Media, Respond to the media, and NBC, and will now report to Mythical’s VP of Strategy and Business Development, Neel Yalamarthy.

Jarvis johnson

Jarvis Johnson, for his part, is a software engineer-turned-creator whose videos have investigated farms of cheesy, disinformation content. Disney films and other strange corners of the Internet through a comic and critical lens. He counts 2 million subscribers, and also co-hosts a podcast titled Sad boys with a creative colleague Jordan Adika. The size of Mythical’s investment in Johnson was not disclosed.

Johnson plans to use the funds to develop Sad Boyz into a multi-platform and multimedia content studio, according to Mythical, as well as to pursue “new consumer ventures.” It will continue to be replaced by the creators management company Strange projects and the law firm HJTH.

Mythical notes that the formation of its Creator Accelerator comes amid increased venture capital activity, including investments in creator-focused startups Stir (for which he also acts as an advisor) and collaboration platform Pear Pop. And in February 2019, Mythical made its first M&A appearance with the purchase of iconic comedy brand YouTube. Smosh for an announced amount of $ 10 million.

“Our investment in Jarvis is a testament to our commitment to supporting the rising stars of the creative economy, by putting our profits and our entrepreneurial expertise to work for the next generation of artists who define culture to reach new ones. summits ”, Mythical COO Brian Flanagan said in a statement.

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