RIGEL II-H Magnetic Helmet Light

Sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers looking for a quick way to add light to their helmets may be interested in a new flashlight and magnetic helmet lamp created by a team of engineers based in Salt Lake City. The RIGEL II-H The Magnetic Light Mount Solution has been specially designed to hold your flashlight in place even when riding, skiing or motorcycling and features a lightweight design and optional accessories.

“Rigel II-H features a patent-pending magnetic coupling system that allows you to attach and detach the flashlight from your helmet with the ease of powerful neodymium magnets, making it sleek, convenient, and reliable The Rigel II-H Kit Helmet Mount is sleek, lightweight and designed to fit your unique helmet based on our Helmet Curvature Guide (HCG).Use our HCG to measure and identify the curvature of your helmet and provide this information along with your shipping details at the end of the campaign.

Magnetic helmet lamp

Assuming the RIGEL II-H fundraising campaign successfully reaches its required engagement goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur around December 2022. Learn more about the RIGEL II-H magnetic helmet light project review promo video below. Commitments for early risers are now available for the single project from around $85 or £70 (depending on current exchange rates).

“Rigel II-H maintains directional accuracy (i.e. auto-zero), so your flashlight returns in the same direction every time you stick it to your helmet. Helmet Lights have been used for some time now to help cyclists see in low light conditions, but what if their helmet light could be used for so much more? Rigel II-H was designed with this in mind, c That’s why it’s detachable, has multiple light modes, and features a Thermal Protection Throttle (TPT) to prevent overheating and extend the life of your light.”

Opt for Magne-Tech’s Magnetic Belt Clip for an everyday carry option, use Magne-Tech’s Magnetic Wall Mount to mount your new Rigel II to your car, home, RV, longboard or anywhere with a flat surface, or get an extra Rigel II at our lowest Kickstarter price.

For a complete list of all available Project Pledges, Extended Lenses, Additional Media, and Detailed Specs for the Magnetic Helmet Light, head over to the official RIGEL II-H Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below. -below.

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