“Say yes to everything, nail your insight and follow your instincts!” TikTok Young Lions winner Rachel Tucker shares her tips for succeeding in this year’s contest!

Entries are open for the TikTok Young Lions Australia 2022 contest, and to celebrate, we’re sitting down with previous years’ winners to choose their mastermind.

This time we’re with the wonderful Rachel Tucker who won gold in the digital category at last year’s Young Lions competition with her partner Meredith Besseling.

Tucker’s golden advice for young adlanders is to say “yes to everything!” And if that’s not enough to get you excited for this year’s TikTok Young Lions, what is?

Contrary to her name, Tucker is by no means abandoned (sorry!), in fact, since her victory, she has moved from her old position as a strategist at TBWA to a new role as a creative consultant at Sayers.

But Tucker didn’t get there overnight. She made a name for herself with a forward-thinking and optimistic attitude that gave her a leg up on the rest at last year’s Young Lions.

Here’s the scoop from the host herself on creating an award-winning TikTok Young Lions entry, rethinking digital, and knowing how to flex your skills when it’s time to shine.

B&T: What inspired you to enter the Young Australian Lions competition?

RT: One of my friends Meredith at the agency asked me if I would be interested. We thought, “why don’t I write the strategy and then we can answer it together?” And I thought “why not?”

For me, I think it was a bit different because I’m a strategist. So I’m not as comfortable responding to memoirs as writing them.

I thought this would be really interesting and I’m so grateful that I did. For me, I wanted to push myself to respond to a brief rather than write it.

B&T: How have things changed for you since winning?

I feel more confident to have an opinion on creation. But other than that, I now have so many new friends across the country, which is awesome. Friends from Melbourne, friends from Sydney, friends from Perth. I think that’s probably the main thing that’s changed.

B&T: What advice would you give to this year’s participants? Is there anything you wish you had known when you prepared your answer?

For the initial briefing, you want to wow the judges with an interesting perspective. It can show in the insight, idea, or how you use channel features at runtime.

If it excites you, it will probably excite the judges too. They’ll read hundreds of responses, so if you can make them laugh or gasp, you’re already ahead.

For the national finalists’ brief, it’s about exploring alternative digital channels. So really test what digital really means.

Digital isn’t just social media, search, or email. These can be games, NFTs or dating apps. Ultimately, it’s about using digital channels in new, interesting and creative ways.

B&T: In your opinion, what was the masterstroke that brought you victory?

We were supported by a very tight outline. That was probably what connected the strategy to the creation and we really made sure that our ideas felt like the only possible solution for that idea. A good outline can be the decider between two amazing ideas.

B&T: How did you celebrate after the win?

For the national competition, we went out with a few friends from the agency, but for the global competition, we were actually confined. So we had late night tea together on zoom, which wasn’t quite the same.

B&T: Why do you think Young Lions is important to the industry?

Two things. I think it gives young creatives a chance to develop their skills and meet other people in the industry, plus the briefs were really interesting and a lot of fun.

And the other thing is that Young Lions is an all-comers brief. With other big prizes in the industry, the clients, records, budget, and media are so varied, so this type of prize really evens the playing field.

B&T: What words of wisdom would you like to pass on to young Adlanders reading his article?

Three main things would be: say yes to everything, nail your insight, and follow your instincts!

B&T: Is there one last secret you would pass on to young Adlanders who want to join the Young Lions?

Become super, super familiar with the digital partner platform. Last year was Snapchat, so Meredith and I redownloaded the platform and played for hours.

This year the partner platform is TikTok, so I would suggest consuming content, creating videos yourself, familiarizing yourself with features like filters, sounds, viral trends, etc. and think about how best to leverage platform features and running creators to support your idea.

If you want to push the boundaries, consider new creative features that might also support your idea.

The Young Lions competition is an extremely rewarding experience that could change your career forever! So take your first steps in Cannes* by registering and accessing the brief HEREas the submission deadline (MARCH 14, 2022) will be here before you know it.

You can find all the details you will need to enter on the right HERE.

*Subject to travel restrictions

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