Tegna warns stations could darken on the dish


TYSONS, Go.—Tegna has warned Dish subscribers that they may lose access to local Tegna-owned broadcasting stations at 9:00 p.m. EDT on October 6.

Tegna noted that the transport agreement has already expired. Tegna had granted Dish an extension but was unable to strike a new deal.

In a statement to TV Tech, Tegna spokesperson Anne Bentley said, “We are committed to entering into a fair and market-based agreement with Dish based on the competitive terms we used to make deals. agreements with many other suppliers which reflect the current market. . So far Dish has refused to agree to such terms, which is why we have started advising Dish customers that they may lose access to their local Tegna station and our valuable programming. We hope Dish is ready to negotiate a market-based deal before tomorrow night’s deadline, and does not take away local news, weather, sports, and network programming from their customers.

In response, Dish issued a press release claiming that Tegna “is demanding a massive increase of nearly $ 1 billion in programming fees and is using viewers as bargaining chips in their negotiations.”

“Businesses should have the opportunity to be profitable, but there is a big difference between running a profitable business and gaining a clear advantage from consumers,” Brian Neylon, group president, Dish TV said in a statement. “Tegna is demanding an unreasonable price increase – an increase the programmer knows will have a direct impact on his viewers.”

“There is still time to come to an agreement with Tegna that is fair to all parties involved, especially our customers,” Neylon also said. “As many Americans look forward to watching the football games this fall and staying on top of the latest health and safety news, we hope Tegna understands how important it is to reach a win-win deal. . “

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