Tera 1000 Wh fast charging station

Tera is a new 1000 Wh powerhouse designed for outdoor use or as an emergency backup for your home, capable of delivering 1200 watts of power from 10 outlets. Thanks to its fast-charging technology, the Tera can recharge to 80% flat in just 16 minutes and is equipped with an EV-grade battery. The battery will be fully charged in just 2 hours and is also compatible with solar panels, allowing you to recharge the power station off-grid when needed. Thanks to its passthrough charging technology, you can also power your devices while you are charging your power station either via the mains or using solar panels. The Tera is a fast-charging portable power solution for under $ 650,

Tera portable power plant outputs

Tera portable power station

Early subscription promises from contributors are now available for the interesting project starting at around $ 649 or £ 482 (according to current exchange rates), offering a massive discount of around 35% off the retail price, while Indiegogo crowdfunding is underway.

The Tera plant uses

“The 70mai Power Station Tera 1000 is an innovative clean energy solution that combines power and portability. It is perfect for your daily electrical needs at home, off the grid, or just while traveling. With enough capacity to power a full-fledged home away from home, get a full charge in as little as two hours, or in 6 hours completely out of the sun.

If the Tera campaign successfully achieves its required engagement goal and production progresses smoothly, global shipping is expected to take place around February 2022. Read more about the Tera 1,000 Wh Power Plant Project Check out the promotional video below.

“Have fun outdoors without constraints. Solar compatibility and pass-through charging allow you to charge your devices and the power station itself simultaneously in the sun. And with Tera’s revolutionary heat dissipation, you won’t have to worry about the device overheating. If the power is off, keep up to 10 devices plugged in simultaneously. If the Tera 1000’s battery starts to run out, fully recharge it in just 2 hours using your home power outlet.

Tera portable power station

“Tera 1000 operates without the hum of a fan, so you can power your equipment and work with peace of mind. Its steel internal structure and 2-layer outer shell can effectively withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use, so you are free to carry and stack it wherever you travel. Whether you’re having a big gig or just want to jam with your friends all day, Tera 1000 keeps the music playing for hours and hours.

For a full list of all available campaign pledges, ambitious goals, additional material and technical specifications for the 1,000 Wh power plant, go to the official Tera Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below- below.

Source : Indiegogo

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