The largest Aelia duty free store in the world opens


Lagardère Travel Retail and Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) have officially opened the largest store of the world-famous brand Aelia Duty free.

Opened after a large-scale renovation of the Hub East terminal of the airport, the store focuses on offering unique customer experiences, over nearly 3,000 m² of retail space,

In the brand new environment of Rome Fiumicino’s Hub East terminal (Terminal 1), Lagardère Travel Retail is taking the globally recognized and award-winning Aelia Duty Free concept to a new level to create unique experiences for travelers. This opening, which comes after nearly two years of crisis and at the start of a fifth wave of the epidemic, testifies to the very strong partnership between Lagardère Travel Retail and ADR. The two partners have worked closely together to achieve their goals and prove that with close collaboration, a deep understanding of each other’s needs and shared values, ambitions can materialize even under the most difficult circumstances.

The main features of the store include:

Emphasis on the local: the Sense of place dimension has been amplified and disseminated throughout the store with, among others: a space dedicated to Italian beauty brands, a larger space optimized for the concept of local delicatessen “Bottega dei Sapori ”, and Italian design throughout the store. Aelia Duty Free is committed to providing travelers with a wide range of local brands to meet buyers’ expectations in terms of authenticity but also to support local economies and producers, and reduce its environmental impact with more supply chains. short.

FOCUS ON BOTTEGA DEI SAPORI: the concept offering the best of Italian gastronomy (including a fresh offer) enhanced with an iconic design and immersive categories to better capture the attention of travelers as they navigate through space. The concept storytelling has also been improved, with tasting possibilities at multiple points of contact in the region (wine, chocolate, cookies, limoncello, olive oil, pasta….)

Tailor-made brand experiences and animations: The store offers one of the widest ranges of references of Italian and global brands in the Duty Free industry. Lagardère Travel Retail has worked hand in hand with its global partner brands to best embody their DNA in Rome and create experiences travelers cannot find anywhere else. New in-store entertainment includes engaging and interactive masterclasses and brand events: live demonstration of cocktails, chocolate tasting, flash makeup or scent testing.

Extended phygital capabilities to improve the customer experience: virtual trial makeup, digital totem, enriched content, new Masterclass brand animation, click & collect service. The strengths of bestsellers and new products, an immersive toy area and a “World of Italy” souvenir area also call for digital functions to better highlight the product offering and create fluid customer experiences.

Finally, the new store offers a wider promotional offer, bestsellers and travel exclusives to best support the unique value proposition of Duty Free to travelers and strengthen its competitive price positioning.

Alberto Niero, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail, Italy, said: “It is with great pleasure that we today announce the opening of a new store in the domestic / Schengen terminal of Rome Fiumicino airport. With a total surface area of ​​around 3,000 m², it is one of the largest duty free shops in the world and the largest managed by Lagardère Travel Retail. The new store is a clear sign of Lagardère’s confidence and faith in the future of the travel retail industry. In partnership with ADR, we have gone through many successes as well as extremely difficult situations such as the dramatic drop in traffic during the Covid pandemic. Together, we have completed a very ambitious project and are convinced that this new store will greatly help us achieve our goals.

Marco Troncone, CEO of Aeroporti di Roma, said: “The opening of the world’s largest Aelia Duty Free at Fiumicino airport represents a significant recognition of the airport’s potential, as well as an encouraging sign of recovery. This new store, which is part of Fiumicino’s ongoing renovation and expansion plan, will be the gateway to the new large Domestic / Schengen area, which is scheduled to open next spring, and will help offer passengers the better experience; an experience which, even in retail, is increasingly geared towards innovation, personalization and commitment.


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