The Next Wave of Content Marketing Strategy 2021


Jul 22, 2021 1:45 PM STI

New Delhi [India], July 22 (ANI / PNN): With the first, second, and now speculation about the third wave of the pandemic knocking on our doors, businesses have no choice but to operate digitally to survive.
And the most important aspect of a strong digital presence is the CONTENT.
Content has always been the ROI, and in no case will it shift the rule to another technique. Content marketing strategies have evolved over time and change is the law of nature. It’s still the survival of the fittest and if you want to survive you have to keep updating and evolving.
“The building, its infrastructure and its design can continue to change; however, the basis remains the same. Likewise, the way content is used may continue to evolve, however, the importance of content remains constant, ”says Prakash Mishra, Founder, and CEO of Drive Digital and DigiHunts Academy. The term “New Wave” can seem intimidating, not particularly in this case. With “New Normal” establishing our daily routines, Prakash Mishra provides insight into the next wave of content marketing strategy 2021.
Why you need a new content marketing strategy
The next wave of content marketing strategy is to create an agile strategy. Your strategy needs to be able to take smart and swift action, produce high-level content, publish it when, where, and how it’s needed. The post-pandemic marketing period focuses on changing consumer behavior. The rule – “Be where your customer is” has improved a bit. The new rule is: “Be where your customer is and give them what they need”.
Google Certified Market Researcher and Digital Marketing Strategist Prakash Mishra explains why you need a new content marketing strategy in 2021.
1. Build communities:

With a focus on personalized marketing in the post-pandemic era, building a community using your content will take your business to the next level. Even with limited resources, building content communities can help you expand your reach.
2. Webinars and Live Videos:
With events taking the virtual form, the best way to share your content and build brand awareness is to live stream on social media, share videos, and host live webinars. It’s a good way to educate the audience about your business, share emotional experiences with them, hear their needs, and build a personalized relationship with your audience.
3. Improve the content experience:
Just like the user experience on the website, it is also important to provide a good content experience. Imagine the impact it will have on the audience if by the time they land on your blog page and get hit with pop-ups, ads and leave. The point here is that the user’s experience with the content is as important as how the content interacts with the audience.
4. Use AI-powered content:
The rise of AI content has been a topic of discussion for some time now. Content strategists use AI-based tools like Contentyze, API GPT-3 to create powerful and optimized content. These tools analyze data, create captions and summaries, and also write comprehensive content. AI-powered content is the next big thing and you should start planning now to reap its benefits in the future.
Include these trends in your content marketing strategy for 2021 to stay ahead of your competition and be the most able to survive in an already saturated world, ”says Prakash Mishra.
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