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STOWE, Vermont., October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – As online advertising explodes, it can be easy to overlook old offline marketing tools. Businesses and brands may also feel a lack of control over the most powerful marketing of all, word of mouth. An underutilized marketing medium, combines direct mail, a giveaway, and a mini billboard to build relationships and increase word of mouth. Even if Self-adhesive postcards ( may go unnoticed, there is no doubt among their users that they are the ultimate in sticky marketing.

According to Jeff Nicholson, president of Websticker ( and author of Stick This !, sticker postcards are one of the best marketing values; “Think about it… very targeted, cheapest shipping, 100% open rate and a freebie… which just happens to be lined with a mini billboard. It is not spam, it is hacked mail. “

Looking at the two mediums alone, it’s easy to see why this promotional partnership is so powerful. Postcards are the cheapest way to get a physical message, image, offer into the hands of a highly targeted customer or prospect. The promotional stickers are the original social media and according to Nicholson, “They are a giveaway not a giveaway; a badge not a label; an endorsement not an advertisement. With the right sticker, you can turn your clients and lawyers into a volunteer sales force. sing your praises and market your product. ”

With the right design on an exterior quality sticker and postcard, the medium cannot be ignored and has the potential to continue to make impressions long after you’ve delivered your targeted message or pitch. During the pandemic, sticker postcards have been particularly effective for schools and universities, tech companies, nonprofits and politicians, service companies, the sports industry, and online retail. Whatever your business, postcard stickers can meet your needs.

Jeff Nicholson adds, “Word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing in the world. How can you increase it beyond just creating awesome experiences with your products or services and hoping for the password? Well , promotional stickers are a guerrilla marketing tool that, when properly designed and targeted, become literal signs of support. Giving these signs as funny gifts on postcards is very inexpensive and powerful relationship marketing. “

About Websticker

Situated at Stowe, Vermont, Websticker has specialized in the design and production of stickers and decals since 1993. Founder Jeff Nicholson is the author of the definitive sticker marketing book: Stick This! Use promotional stickers to create an identity, create word of mouth and increase sales.

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