This Week in Jobs: Give your job search a ‘lion-like’ vibe with these 18 open tech positions

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Welcome to March. Wondering where the saying of the month comes from: “Enter like a lion, exit like a lamb”?

Dating back to 1732, the expression is attributed to astronomy. The constellations of Leo and Aries move across the night sky in March, but the saying is also an apt metaphor for the weather in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.

The winter cold can return at any time, with low temperatures breaking through your winter coat. But, as the month progresses, sunshine, new growth and the whisper of spring in the air evoke a gentle lamb.

The weather can be unpredictable, but your career doesn’t have to be. Mars is roaring like a lion with these job opportunities.

The news

As employees disperse, does the corporate culture become diluted? Technical skill companies with remote teams weigh in.

Speaking of culture, here’s how teams can work to sustain a collaborative workplace at scale.

Relying on online legal resources is akin to searching WebMD to diagnose yourself. Baltimore-based law firm Nemphos Braue strives to provide start-up businesses with the right legal resources.

From chorus to encoding: how Sue Gerace from opera singer to the technical team of Pinnacle 21.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has a global impact, but for these tech companies with members in the country, the conflict is personal.


You want to help create stronger bonds within the Technically community? We are looking for a Product Manager to join our team remotely.

From a distance




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