Three trends shaping the future of ad technology in APAC


Never has the world of marketing undergone so many changes as in recent years, with difficult questions posed about ethical advertising, transparency on the destination of advertising funds and their degree of adherence to emerging concerns about advertising. confidentiality.

This session at the Drum Digital Summit will seek to simplify this complex topic and help distil the future of advertising technology. Programmatic leader Sonal Patel, Managing Director, Southeast Asia at Quantcast, will talk about what digital decision makers need to do to sustain their strategies around three important emerging trends in APAC: privacy, transparency and data.

Marketers need to be prepared to be on top because privacy, transparency and data emerge as the holy trinity of digital advertising pillars. What would have taken longer has been brought forward thanks to the pandemic. Patel points out: “Covid-19 has allowed programmatic to rush three to five years faster than it might have had earlier.”


Brands, marketers, agencies and platforms will all need to work together to ensure the ecosystem respects privacy. This would be an imminent reality as new regulations were put in place in various markets around the world, including Asia-Pacific.


From a consumer perspective, ethical advertising will be the future and is here to stay with the growing awareness of data privacy and transparency. In the same way as when going to the supermarket, the customer wants to pay for what he knows, the label, the ingredients, the price, even for online advertising, transparency will become a prerequisite.


Marketers and the rest of the advertising ecosystem’s value chain will need to be prepared to pivot their offerings, she adds. Data will form the basis, and technologies such as AI can help transform this approach.

To watch the full session and understand how marketers can prepare for the future around these three trends, watch the full session on the Drum Digital Summit website.

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