Top Marketing Professionals Behind Top TikTok Brands Like Netflix, Duolingo

  • TikTok recently passed 1 billion users and brands are staffing up to engage with its audience.
  • Many hire experienced TikTok users who can help a business find the right tone for the app.
  • Insider has compiled a list of professionals who are innovating on TikTok across 10 major brands.

It’s 2022 and brands have entered TikTok booming.

Companies are jumping into TikTok’s user comment sections, asking creators to redesign their logos and riffing on memes started by the app’s Gen-Z users.

Many of the professionals behind TikTok-branded accounts are Gen Z themselves.

Take Zaria Parvez, the 24-year-old who runs the TikTok account for language-learning app Duolingo, for example. Duolingo quickly grew to around 3.4 million TikTok followers by tapping into TikTok trends and posting humorous videos featuring its mascot Duo. The company rarely uses TikTok to promote its own product.

“People on TikTok expect brand personality, whereas I feel like on Twitter and Instagram you can always just produce content about product updates,” Parvez told Insider. “We’ve found that if we try to be like ‘learn a language’ or be really specific about our product, it doesn’t work well.”

Managing a company’s TikTok account comes with many challenges.

Social media teams must strike a balance between being funny and entertaining without crossing a line and damaging a brand’s reputation. And brand managers need to act fast to participate in TikTok trends that are often only relevant for a short window.

“We have a really strong relationship internally that makes reviewing and publishing content really fast and streamlined, which is great because it’s very suited to TikTok and how quickly things are changing,” Olivia West said. , Associate Head of Media Strategy at Dunkin’.

Insider publishes our inaugural list of TikTok professionals from 10 brands, which offer new and innovative ways to draw attention to the app. The list was determined based on our reports and the nominations we received.

The 10 brands are listed in alphabetical order below, along with the teams managing their TikTok accounts:

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