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Every Monday football fans can visit read Peter King’s Football Morning in America or his old Monday Morning Quarterback column in Sports illustrated. Fans head to this column to check out King’s latest interview or any news he is able to find before everyone else.

At Tony Kornheiser’s Show Last week, King was a guest and he and Kornheiser took a look at how they started their careers and some advice they give to high school and college kids looking to get into journalism.

King wanted to work as a journalist since he was in 5e Grade and there was a writer he had met in high school who had always wanted to be like.

“I kind of wanted to be the next Peter Gammons once I saw him in high school,” King said. “I was pushed to be as smart at something as Peter Gammons was in baseball. Over the years, in a weird way, I wrote a column on Monday last week that was 11,883 words long and it’s almost Gammons-esque Basically isn’t that what Gammons did in the Boston Globe?

If you are a fan of King’s work he says there is a team and a coach you have to thank. It dates back to his time at Cincinnati investigator.

“I was incredibly lucky to have covered the Cincinnati Bengals in 1984. Sam Wyche was crazy in a good way and he was basically telling me everything I wanted to know about everything with the team. I sat there and watched that first training camp practice with Paul Brown probably 30 times. I was an expert on this team after 3-4 months… I just thought it was a really fun thing to do. I loved soccer and it’s a fun thing to do. The 1984 Bengals put me in.

During training camp, King had the opportunity to interview Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes and he told Kornheiser that it still turns him on today.

“I left Tampa Bay training camp last Wednesday with a real spring in my step because I think I’ll be the only guy in our company to get Tom Brady 1v1 in this training camp a week later. getting Aaron Rodgers 1-on-1, a week after getting Patrick Mahomes 1-on-1. These are things that still excite me. To have the story that others want to have. This is what attracts me and it still is to this day. I’m 64 but you tell me $ 10,000 or 20 minutes with Tom Brady, guess what I’m taking?

While accomplishing so much in his career so far, King is still getting the scoops before most of the top writers in the business, which makes his weekly columns a must read.

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