Virtual Mall opens in Central PA



A businessman from central Pennsylvania has opened what he says is the only virtual mall in the United States.

NEW BERLIN, PA – Over the past year and a half, we have moved many of our daily activities online, especially shopping.

When Union County businessman Art Lieberman saw a lot of empty storefronts recently, he got the idea to bring local businesses together.

Lieberman has created what he calls a “virtual shopping center”.

“There are storefronts, but inside the storefronts are usually their websites,” Lieberman said.

SUN Virtual Mall stands for “Snyder Union Northumberland”, and it’s a mall you don’t have to drive to.

Lieberman created the virtual mall so people can find local businesses in one place.

What sets this apart from typical online shopping is that customers can connect with employees through video chat.

“It comes in blue, green, pink and yellow. Would you like any of these? They cost $ 19.95, and suddenly it sells direct,” Lieberman said.

At present, the virtual mall has nearly two dozen stores, including Mifflinburg Variety.

Jeff Kauffman sells everything from fabric to shoes at Mifflinburg Variety.

“A new way to advertise to see what we can do to increase traffic in the store,” Kauffman said.

“They think it’s a way to advertise their business, and if they get one or two clients over a month, that could mean continued activity for them,” Lieberman said.

If you want to experience the SUN Virtual Mall, click here.


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