Walt Frazier dresses in the style of 3 New York restaurants for DoorDash

Even the fly is so fly!

“DoorDash wanted to expand our “New York Gets It” campaign in non-traditional places, including their partnership with the Knicks,” says Karly Brooks, senior writer at The Martin Agency. “So we started diving into the Knicks fandom, looking for things that true Knicks fans know and love. We came across the iconic Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier and his famously eye-catching costumes. And the idea came to us: what if we could make costumes inspired by New York restaurants, and see if Knicks fans could spot them?”

Martin’s production team screen-printed designs, logos and text onto existing suits. The goal, says Brooks, was to make them recognizable to locals without giving too much away.

Frazier will represent Han Dynasty on April 6 against the Nets and Rubirosa Ristorante on April 10 when the Raptors visit Madison Square Garden. (We’ll post pictures of these other costumes once the matches are played.)

The fun promo combines DoorDash’s local focus with Martin’s penchant for pop culture connections.

“It’s one thing to tap into something everyone knows. It’s another to show up in a place where only a very specific demographic will recognize what you’re doing,” says Brooks. “DoorDash is synonymous with local, community-loved neighborhood places. It makes sense to present ourselves in a hyper-local way and reward people who know and love the communities we champion and serve.”

The food delivery service will soon expand this recipe to new markets.

“In every city, locals take pride in knowing the local places,” says Brooks. “We intend to turn this idea into a program: create fun fashion pieces based on local restaurants, have sport and fashion icons wear them, and reward all fans.”


Client: DoorDash
Julie Baruh: Senior Director, Consumer Marketing
Cristen Milliner: Consumer Communications Associate
Liz Cooper: Senior Communications Manager
Ashley Devalle: Sports Partnership Marketing Manager

Client: Wavemaker
Jeff Grande: Associate Director, Wavemaker Sports & Live

Agency: The Martin Agency
Chief Executive Officer: Kristen Cavallo
Creative Director: Danny Robinson
Managing Director, Executive Creative Director: Jerry Hoak
Vice President Creative Director: Mike Kelly
Associate Creative Director: Julie Koong
Lead Writer: Karly Brooks
SVP of Production: Tasha Dean
Executive Content Producer: Ann Parker
Main producer: Evan Frank
Main Activation Producer: Marleny Castanos
SVP Director of Financial and Legal Affairs: Kerry Ayers
Associate Director of Commercial Affairs: Angela Eddleman
Chief Financial Officer: Elizabeth Moore
SVP General Manager, Jaclyn Ruelle
Cultural Impact Lab:
Associate Director, Cultural Impact Lab: Matt Kessler
Senior Cultural Impact Specialist: Alex Angert
Cultural Impact Specialist: Kenya N
Brand Communications Specialist: D’Eric Watson
Group Planning Director SVP: Morgan Acenio
Director of Communications Planning: Stuart Augustine
Senior Strategic Planner: Blake Smoral
Managing Director, Head of Account Management: Jordan Muse
Group Account Manager: Marisa Weber
Account Manager: Katie White
Senior Account Manager: Myna Sharma
Group Project Manager: Sagar Shah
Main Project Manager: Tessa Hart

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