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Station: KSVI-KHMT Billings Montana Department: Sales
Reports to: Managing Director Exempt: Yes

Summary of the position: This role is responsible for keeping the local website up to date, curating high performance content, creating data-driven homepage layouts, and helping with news posting. , from quick local stories to the latest company news and reports. This role will work on building a loyal local audience by being responsive to traffic patterns and audience interest while serving as a steward of our brands.

Job responsibilities:

  • Organize and consolidate a constant flow of interesting content, presented and promoted in a way that generates engagement and repeat visits to the site.
  • Monitor all forms of media (print, TV, digital, blogging and social) and be the fastest to report the latest news and always on the lookout for exclusive and / or trending content that will increase engagement and drive loyal local traffic
  • Flexibility to perform tasks
  • Excellent for writing headlines that increase audience and engagement
  • Prioritize package content that increases pageviews per visitor and time spent on site, using headline testing, metric tools, and observed patterns to guide decision making
  • Understand different ways of telling a story, especially producing short videos and choosing great photos.
  • Evaluate website traffic trends to make decisions about both daily content needs and longer term content retention that will increase local audiences.
  • Build positive working relationships with staff and management, work collaboratively on corporate content, and create opportunities to market broadcast web content.
  • Promote and distribute news content on social networks.

Skills / Experience Requirements

  • 1-2 years of experience in digital content and journalism an asset
  • Clever headline writer that gets readers to click
  • Strong multitasking abilities
  • Organized, technical problem solver and quick decision maker
  • Able to research, interview and write original press articles
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices and AP style
  • Enjoys working in a team and has excellent interpersonal skills
  • Ease / ability to learn new technologies independently and quickly
  • Strong communicator
  • Responds regularly to measures of success
  • Proficiency in MS Office; HTML, CSS and Photoshop experience an asset
  • Valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.

Measures of success

  • Works well with local and regional newsrooms
  • Don’t miss the great stories
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Understands KPIs and regularly works towards those goals
  • Responds well to comments and offers insight into how audiences react to content and headlines

Nexstar is an employer guaranteeing equal opportunities

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