What it means to order ‘Lilian Style’ clams at Bob’s Clam Hut



Bob’s Clam Hut has been a beloved institution on the coast for 65 years! They have had famous visitors over the decades; Martha Stewart, Antoni from Queer Eye and Guy Fieri to name a few! No one can resist their fresh seafood and baskets full of fried delicacies, delicious lobster and my favorite: the creamy clam chowder and crispy fries. Great, now I’m drooling.

Bob’s Clam Hut via Facebook

One of the many reasons people love Bob’s is that it has been a family business for so many years. Lilian was Bob’s wife and the most beloved cashier to ever work there. According to Bob’s Clam Hut Facebook page, Lil started in November 1986 and quickly became one of the public’s favorites. Bob’s has four cash registers but “Lillian’s Window” often had 10 people waiting while the others had no one! People wanted the full Bob experience and that included a conversation with Lilian. She loved her clams cooked in a way and she wasn’t afraid to tell you why her way was far superior.

She has since passed away, but her memory lives on every time someone walks up to the exit window and orders fried “Lilian’s style” clams.

So what exactly is the difference? According to Katie Breslin, a local clam expert, Bob’s clams are fried in a mixture of corn and wheat flour. The Lillian-style clams are dipped in egg white first, then in the flour mixture. This gives the clams a lighter texture with a little more breading attached.

Although Bob’s changed owners last year, you can still order Lilian or Bob’s way on the menu. Which do you prefer?

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