WNET’s Emmy Award-Winning Series Cyberchase Celebrates 20 Years of Math-Based Fun and Learning on PBS KIDS

Cyberhunting engages young thinkers with compelling stories that explore important mathematical and environmental concepts and illustrate creative and collaborative problem solving, ”said Sandra Sheppard, executive producer of Cyberhunting and Kids’ Media & Education for the WNET group. “We look forward to celebrating this special anniversary with children and families across the country and continuing our mission to educate and entertain our audiences.”

The fans have spoken and the Cyberhunting the team listened. The iconic series ’20th anniversary three-hour marathon features classic episodes from past seasons, including the series’ first episode, “Lost My Marbles,” as well as other beloved stories such as “R-Fair City “,” Clock Like an Egyptian, “” Inside Hacker “and more. Additionally, six special anniversary segments celebrating the characters, content and impact of the series will air before each episode.

Over the years, many celebrities have lent their voices to the series, including Matthew Broderick, Jane curtin, the jasmine guy, Tony hawk, Marcus Samuelsson, Jaden Michael, Baby Neuwirth, Kelly mccreary, Rico rodriguez, Danica McKellar and Al roker.

“I love playing Hacker because he’s so important and yet so silly,” said Christophe lloyd, who has accompanied the series since its inception and reprise its Emmy-nominated role in the new season. “I feel good doing something for young people that is both imaginative and educational. When children reflect on how the characters solve problems using logic and math, the solutions they come up with can also be applied in their own lives. wonderful experience to have a part to play in this. “

Season 13 of Cyberhunting will present 10 new adventures during “PBS KIDS Family Night”, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET on PBS KIDS, on Friday February 25, friday 29 april on the occasion of Arbor Day and in May. The new episodes find the fearless heroes, Jackie, Matt, Inez and Digit, tackling a variety of topical environmental topics – from light and water pollution, invasive species and coral reefs to sustainable designs, transport, biodiversity and trees – using their math and problem-solving skills along the way to save the day. Each episode will be accompanied by live epilogues, titled “Cyberchasse: for real,“which connect the mathematical and environmental concepts shown in the animation to the real world. A theme throughout the season is how the environment is interconnected, how one part can impact another and how even small actions can lead to big changes.

“We are delighted to celebrate 20 years of Cyberhunting on PBS KIDS, “said Sara DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PBS KIDS. “Kids across the country continue to connect with these characters, stories and, as one viewer noted,“ cool ways to do math. ”We look forward to more great content for families. “

Cyberhunting Also reaches children, parents, caregivers and teachers through interactive learning games, bilingual family activities in the classroom, apps, text messaging and community outreach. Cyberhunting offers digital games for kids with a wide range of abilities, including the all new Duck Dash, in which children use their math skills on a high-flying migratory adventure. In spring 2022, Cyberhunting will continue its community outreach campaign, ‘Green It Up’, which features kids-focused math and environmental science activities, ranging from a photosynthesis experiment to DIY activities using recycled materials, to stations broadcasters and partners across the country.

Cyberhunting started in 2002 with a focus on math and quickly grew into one of the leading math related brands in children’s media. Over 30 independent research studies have shown that Cyberhunting viewers understand and remember the mathematical content of the episodes they watch. In addition, they have a more positive attitude, more self-confidence, and more motivation towards math and problem-solving than non-spectators.

Cyberhunting is produced by the WNET group. Sandra Sheppard is Executive Producer. Melinda Toporoff is a series producer.

Funding for Cyberhunting is provided by the JPB Foundation, EY and the Overdeck Family Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Lemberg Foundation, Epstein Teicher Philanthropies, the Tiger Baron Foundation and Dr Shailaja & Umesh Nagarkatte.

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