WWE celebrates its latest signings behind the scenes

WWE is celebrating its new recruits, some more prolific than others, with a new video posted to social media.

As seen below, several new additions to the company have been placed in their respective roles, including WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. You can see the new staff members below:

* William Nayden: Manager, Fan Analytics (DTC)

* Eli Hutton: Analyst, Advertising Analytics

* Rena Persaud: Administrative Assistant

* AJ Dicarlo: Senior Director, Product Design

* Kalina Teller: project manager

* Holly Mitchell: lead producer

* Rohit Bhandari: Director, Global Strategy

* Jeffrey Jarrett: Senior Vice President, Live Event Booking

* Gregory Miller: Associate Content Producer

* Suzette Ramirez-Carr: Executive Vice-President, Director of Human Resources

It was reported towards the end of May that Jarrett would be returning to WWE shortly after accepting his new role as Senior Vice President of Live Event Booking. He recently worked with WWE a few years ago before being one of many releases during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, he worked as a producer, a member of the creative team, and then a live events executive before his release.

While away from the company, Jarrett has worked with top indie promotions GCW, NWA, and the recent Lucha Libre AAA show “XXX: Monterrey.” That night, he confronted AAA legend Latin Lover and brawled with Lover and Vampiro, hinting that he may have intended to return for a match with the promotion.

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