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MEXICO CITY, (June 23, 2021) .- The Teatro Centenario Coyoacán, in Mexico City, hosted on Monday 21, the third presentation of the “GRANDEZA HISPANA INTERNATIONAL AWARDS”, which rewards various fields of arts and communication in Latin America and which counted among its laureates, several Yucatecan artists and producers.

The ceremony, which took place from 7 p.m. with all health security measures, such as the occupation of 75% of the theater, was broadcast on the YouTube platform.

Among the proud winners of the Yucatan is José Carlos Milan, an exceptional musician who graduated from the Faculty of Music of UNAM and who will participate in musical productions for Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel, Ricardo Montaner, Pandora, among others.

Also honored was Cris Alcocer Vázquez, a musical arranger who has collaborated with artists such as Armando Manzanero, Tania Libertad, Ana Cirré, Eugenia León and who lived for a time in Australia.

Another distinguished musician was Javier Lezama, composer and arranger, who is the author of the musical theme of the competition and who has over 30 years of an artistic career with over 300 songs in various genres such as trova, ballads, and even grupero.

In the audiovisual field, José Luis Rojas Sarlat, better known under the name of “Yogui Rojas”, content producer and who runs the Teleplay channel, as well as producer Rojas Sarlat Producciones de Mérida, received the Grandeza Hispana International Awards.

The Yucatan producer has made music videos, with a trajectory of more than 25 years, and in his speech he stressed that he dedicated the award to all those involved in the entertainment industry, who have suffered in the the last year of the Mexican Republic’s lack of jobs as a result of the pandemic.

“Yogui Rojas”, as it is called in the media, received from the hands of Marcos Carrillo, president of the Grandeza Hispana International Awards, the prize for professional excellence in content production.

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Among the artists who could be seen on the red carpet and who also received recognition include Alejandro Camacho, Mexican telenovela actor, The “Latin Lover”, Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who now stands out with his show “The minute that has changed my life “, For the Imagen Televisión channel; communicator Fernanda Familiar, who was recognized for her career on national radio; the hosts of the program “Sale el Sol”, also from Image Televisión; the theater producer, Gerardo Quiroz, who in the 90s was an actor in the program “Papá Soltero” and who thanked everyone present at the event for being the first event to be held in person in the theaters of Mexico City, after the pandemic began.

The awards ceremony was complemented by presentations by José Joel, who paid tribute to his father José José; by Marcos Valdés, who will also dedicate his presentation to his father Manuel ¨El loco ”Valdés; singer Ariadna, who said she felt happy to finally be back on stage; and Alondra, who currently lives in Europe, among other musical groups from the north and traditional Mexican music.

All of the winners agreed that these are difficult times for the entertainment industry and that only together can we move forward.

The event was dedicated to the doctors, nurses and medical staff who suffered on the front lines of the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic, and one of the prizes was symbolically presented to a survivor of the pandemic by the nursing profession.

The prize is a replica of the pyramid of Kukulcán with side decorations and a plaque bearing the name of the winner as well as the awarded object.

The presentation of the Grandeza Hispana International Awards should have taken place since last January, but due to the pandemic, it was delayed until the authorities in Mexico City allowed it.

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